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Patients in Need Website $2500 - $4999 (1241027)... Worldwide $2500 8:30 PM DesignQuote
Heart and Muscle $500 - $999 (1240925)... Worldwide $500 - 1:30 PM DesignQuote
Auto Restoration Revamp $1000 - $2499 (1240924)... Worldwide $1000 1:30 PM DesignQuote
Healthcare Job Board $1000 - $2499 (1240923)... Worldwide $1000 1:30 PM DesignQuote
Ecom Site and Logo $5,000 - $7,499 (1240922)... Worldwide $5,000 1:30 PM DesignQuote

AR ... 2:00 AM
Working knowledge of construction, design and architectural contract documents 2. Responsible for processing of consultant proposals and amendments, as well as.
AR ... 1:45 AM
Plus five years of experience in designing and implementing data warehouse and relational database applications....
State of Arkansas
AR ... 12:45 PM
Buildings and maintains database systems. Monitor database performance and space requirements. Responsible for database backup and recovery procedures, access..
AR ... 1:00 AM
Ability to work in high stress time sensitive situations is also a necessary skill.The Information Management Accelerated Value Specialist for Information...
AR ... 1:45 PM
Basic knowledge of databases and skills with database queries. Understands business objectives and problems, and identifies alternative solutions....
AR ... 3:00 AM
1 or more years of experience as a designer, or similar web experience role. Candidate will be responsible for staying up-to-date with changes in web technology
AR ... 7:00 PM
1 or more years of experience as a designer, or similar web experience role. Candidate will be responsible for staying up to date with changes in web technology
AR ... 5:00 PM
This Web Development position is responsible for designing and coding solutions to business opportunities using technical skills with Microsoft 3.5 or..
... $2 11:30 PM GAF
Hi I am looking for someone for an extremely simple job, All you have to do is to be clicking on certain links, but i will explain more to the person who I s
... $30- 2:15 AM GAF
The point of advertisement is to educate the importance of financial knowledge to youngsters (kids/teenager). Advertisement/Poster containing the importance o
... $30- 2:15 AM GAF
I need an example of a AWS Lambda function written in node.js that writes out 2 values to a mysql database that gets triggered from an S3 object creation (email
... $30- 11:30 PM GAF
The assignment is a dialogue in regards to the stockholder versus stakeholder theory debate. More detailed instructions can be found in the attached documents.
... $ 9:45 PM GAF
I have some pages need to rewrite all about LTE. Time few hours (Budget: RM32 - RM99 MYR, Jobs: Academic Writing, Article Rewriting, Communications, Proofreadi
... $30- 9:45 PM GAF
I have a Wordpress site that needs to completed. Some Elements: - Change Sales Video (from Vimeo /youtube) - Add Sales Copy - Image Removal/Change
... $10- 11:30 PM GAF
Looking for top quality bloggers to work on an ongoing basis. Pay will be per approved blog post. I manage several blogs covering topics such as; Mountaineering
... $30- 9:45 PM GAF
Build Hold Security Word Press Website Wordpress Theme Provided Site Map with word content provided (Budget: $30 - $250 AUD, Jobs: Website Design, Wordpress)
... $10 9:45 PM GAF
Need wordpres developer for long term project(s). English advanced. share some of your projects. interview + test. sign contract (Budget: $10 USD, Jobs: Graphi
... $70- 2:15 AM GAF
Dear Experts, Please quote your best price/quality & time to deliver for the following requirements • Website Layout design • CMS “Content Managemen
... $250- 5:45 AM GAF
I would like to create a website to request quotations from multiple service providers (like by extending the following theme: http://pr
... $ 2:15 AM GAF
online room and cook provider and flexible add option available.comprising payment gateway and database connectivity.....and transforming to android apps even.
... $10- 11:30 PM GAF
This is a dummy graduate level project to outsource creation of a website which involves creation of a very simple template preferably containing 5 pages wit
... $ 2:15 AM GAF
I want to customize an online shopping store based on wordpress, its urgent job please bid only if you can work within an hour (Budget: €8 - €30 EUR, Jobs: eCom
... $750- 11:30 PM GAF
Website content writer requried (Budget: $750 - $1500 USD, Jobs: Articles, Content Writing, Copywriting, Ghostwriting)
... $250- 11:30 PM GAF
Hello. Nice to meet you. We like to have content writing with SEO in mind, for 20 of our party services. Up to 200 words each service please. Photo boo
... $3750- 11:30 PM GAF
Sistema que permita conectarse a una bases de datos de inventarios para mostrar el inventario diario asi como apartar la mercancia en linea, no es necesario man
... $30- 2:15 AM GAF
scenario: ======= the father was happy because its a weekend, and the weather is wonderful, he decided to take his family to spend the day on the beach, after
... $250- 11:30 PM GAF
I am after a step-by-step tutorial/procedure on how to successfully install and implement a WordPress site. It needs to be very – very visual and explanatory
... $250- 9:45 PM GAF
I have a website and I would like to change the theme to a theme similar to (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: CSS, HTML, PHP, Wordpress)
... $ 5:45 AM GAF
Hello, we are searching a person who can create vector pictures for print. We provide pictures in .eps and .jpg format in various sizes and need to transf
... $30- 9:45 PM GAF
Id like to create banners from existing images and provide me some stock images. (Budget: $30 - $250 CAD, Jobs: Banner Design, CSS, Graphic Design, HTML5, Photo
... $30- 2:15 AM GAF
I want a logo with name HOT POT for food shop (bakery, patisseries, chocolate, cake .. etc) our bakery image is something tasty, unique, eat as treats, &
... $10000- 2:15 AM GAF
I need a logo designed. (Budget: $10000 - $20000 USD, Jobs: Logo Design)
... $10000- 2:15 AM GAF
I need a logo designed. (Budget: $10000 - $20000 USD, Jobs: Logo Design)
... $3000- 9:45 PM GAF
Zbrush art works to be printed with a 3d printer. (Budget: $3000 - $5000 USD, Jobs: 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering)
... $30- 11:30 PM GAF
Necesito que se me realice un ensayo con los lineamientos APA, con una extension de 30 páginas, aproximadamente. Por supuesto, no deberá contener faltas ortogr
... $30- 9:45 PM GAF
i need a cv to be edited with correct english (Budget: $30 - $250 AUD, Jobs: Editing)
... $ 5:45 AM GAF
Need a simple Website, Programmer must speak German, Programmierer sollte Erfahrung im Shop haben, für Download von Hörspielen, und auch als CD Bestellung. Und
... $30- 11:30 PM GAF
I am looking for qualified European iOS developer having good experiences of map layer function. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Objective C)
... $30- 9:45 PM GAF
Current Bid -Automatically format all charts in a spreadsheets to standard parameters -Update charts based on date range parameters, or all data -Toggle Char
... $30- 5:45 AM GAF
I am looking for an experienced Android App Developer who has experience with GPUImage and/or OpenGL ES. GPUImage on Android doesnt support input rotation for
... $10- 11:30 PM GAF
My name is Tharindu upetha. I had done more Data Enter works in locally ,I have more experience about that section . i m new to this site but i have done som
... $10- 11:30 PM GAF
Compile for me a list of 1000 random usernames - they MUST be random and believable, so nothing sequential, no patterns, nothing. You can put it in a text file.
... $15- 9:45 PM GAF
We would like to design a database and reports that will be sent to our clients. The first part will be designing with Google sheets. The second part is loo
... $30- 9:45 PM GAF
Context: I have designed my house using a professional architect, then developed a 3D model in sketchup with an interior designer. I have recently engaged a
... $8- 9:45 PM GAF
Looking for IDXBroker expert who can help to customize the IDXBroker omni search (Budget: $8 - $15 USD, Jobs: PHP, Wordpress)
... $750- 5:45 AM GAF
This list is non-exhaustive. It does however include most major features conceptualised at this point in time: -FIFO inventory (First-In, First-Out accountin
... $ 11:30 PM GAF
Looking for a Wordpress Website Manager, who can Develop and Manage an Elearning website. Person should have knowledge of Coding and Website Designing in wordpr
... $ 11:30 PM GAF
EAC - Euro Asia Consulting ( is a International Business consulting firm. We have more than 20 years of strategy consulting experience in
... $ 5:45 AM GAF
Proyecto de reciente creación para vender por internet citricos (Budget: €250 - €750 EUR, Jobs: Internet Marketing, Link Building, Marketing, SEO)
... $2- 11:30 PM GAF
I need a PHP and html /css worker who will work for a fair wage because I have a lot of hours of work I will not hire a company I want a single individual to
... $250- 5:45 AM GAF
Files: Text format: Full verbatim with names of the speakers (You can see sample of full verbatim here
... $30- 2:15 AM GAF
I want to launch an online Rugby website that users will be able to share their scouting videos for scouts to view on the website. Need a person who can build a
... $10 11:30 PM GAF
iTS a small task, more tasks if done perfect. I need you to optimize an SQL query that takes time to load (Budget: $10 USD, Jobs: SQL)
... $1500- 9:45 PM GAF
Analyze retail sales. Give us analytics on our data. See what stores sell what product the best. See what stores are not selling the product well. See how much
... $30- 5:45 AM GAF
Optimizing and increasing my website ranking in google search. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Internet Marketing, Link Building, Marketing, SEO)
... $8- 2:15 AM GAF
I need someone to do seo for my clients site. The candidate should have experience doing seo for USA / UK websites. If you that kind of portfolio, you can b
... $ 2:15 AM GAF
You have to complete small iPad development task, This is a test project for ongoing continuous work. I have the wireframes and other details I can share. (B
... $250- 11:30 PM GAF
Hi! I need someone to boost my presence on social media. Details will be discussed in the chat (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Facebook Marketing, Google Plus,
... $10- 9:45 PM GAF
Hello Everyone, I need you to create a strategic plan. You will need to analyze the companys current situation and its strengths and weakness. You will need
... $10 9:45 PM GAF
Need someone to submit the IPA for update of version on Appstore. Should have fast internet connection & Xcode 7.0 GM version. Everything is setup on itu
... $ 2:15 AM GAF
I am looking for someone to hire for all of my Web Designing work its a Full time -Work from home job - a (Budget: ?1500 - ?12500 INR, Jobs: Bootstrap, CSS
... $30- 9:45 PM GAF
I need a Web Phone interface plus IP-PBX solution (asterisk/freepbs/resiprocate/...) made for use in a docker infrastructure with docker-compose. The softph
... $750- 11:30 PM GAF
Hi, I would like customization for the apps that I brought below
... $250- 11:30 PM GAF
Hi all! Hope you are very well! VERY IMPORTANT: If you are not an expert in the subject please dont apply to this job. If you are not an expert and planing
... $10- 9:45 PM GAF
database design documentation It consist of project introduction and design documentation (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Data Warehousing, Product Description
... $ 5:45 AM GAF
I write articles, poetries and presently, I am in a process of writing novels. Moreover, please visit and follow my blog for further updates and to know about
... $250- 2:15 AM GAF
kitchen industry + marketing sssssss (Budget: $250 - $750 AUD, Jobs: Articles)
... $30- 5:45 AM GAF
Mail Sifre Kontrol (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: PHP, Software Architecture)
... $10- 2:15 AM GAF
Initialize_Linked_List (Chapter 10, Supplied) This is an enhancement for List.asm on 10.4.5 Linked List section. Consider how to make use of the last node and
... $ 2:15 AM GAF
it is a web portal which has to be designed for a dentist clinic. Rest details i will tell later but the only thing to be kept in mind is that it has to be in a
... $750- 5:45 AM GAF
we want you to make an application in ios and android so that each user can turn his 2d photos in to 3d. see this video:
... $ 2:15 AM GAF
i want to earn money, the best job and to be successful. (Budget: ?1500 - ?12500 INR, Jobs: Data Entry)
... $10- 11:30 PM GAF
I am looking to have a tshirt design done. It will be in an art nouveau style. I would need the finished work to be a vectorized and customizable file along wit
... $30- 9:45 PM GAF
I need illustrations for baby and toddler book. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Illustration, Illustrator)
... $10- 2:15 AM GAF
ECE 171 Fall 2015 Project 2 You are to design a combinational logic circuit to determine whether a given input i s a leap year . The year input co
... $1500- 2:15 AM GAF
3D Rendering, Concept Design, Format & Layout, Illustration, Presentations, concept based on core idea which will be provided (Budget: $1500 - $3000 AUD, Jo
... $10- 9:45 PM GAF
need to test a given website in terms of performance, usability and compatibility testing with the help of loadrunner, equafy and chack mark tools. need to have
... $10- 9:45 PM GAF
contain my project intorducton and design documentation (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Data Warehousing, Product Descriptions)

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